Charitable Foundations

Forma Futura offers tailor-made asset management mandates for charitable foundations. Thanks to our holistic view of the companies in which we invest, we can put together a portfolio for you that not only achieves a standard market return but is also in line with the foundation's values.

Non-profit organizations are normally measured by how effectively they serve good causes. This also applies to an organization’s financial assets. Therefore, the management of a foundation's financial assets cannot be considered independent of the primary purpose of the foundation. Otherwise, a foundation may discover that it has invested in the securities of a company whose business is inconsistent with the foundation's purpose. This can pose significant reputational risk. That is why we are happy to support you in investing your foundation assets in line with your values.

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Larissa Jäger

Larissa Jäger

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Head of Communications and Human Resources

«Sustainability is more than minimising risk. I am convinced that only those organisations that act responsibly can be successful in the long term. I am looking forward to promoting the great know-how and values of Forma Futura and advancing the change of perspective in society.»