Family Offices

Forma Futura supports family offices whose clients place high importance on the sustainability of their financial investments. As specialists in this field, we are able to optimally reconcile the needs for financial security as well as upholding ecological and social responsibility in the portfolios we manage.

Dealing responsibly with family assets means taking a long-term perspective in order to preserve the livelihoods of future generations. Forma Futura pursues this idea consistently when it comes to selecting financial investments. The assets should have a positive impact on the real economy and at the same time achieve a market rate of return, which serves to preserve value for current and future generations in the long term.


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Sandra Moser

Sandra Moser

Customer Support

«Work and life are equally important and inseparable. Thus, I attach great importance to doing a job that makes sense. Supporting and implementing Forma Futura’s strategy is my personal concern and pleasure.»