Knowledge sharing

The Forma Futura investment process can only be of consistently high quality if our analysts continuously expand their knowledge in the complex field of sustainability. Through our expertise and on-going critical reflection regarding money flows, we want to drive the sustainable transformation of the financial system and the real economy. That is why we systematically share our expertise through various channels.

Our employees take part in panel discussions and give presentations at universities and events on sustainability in the financial sector. Our annual event "Forma Futura in Dialogue" serves to exchange thoughts and ideas on a relevant topic in sustainability. We also produce in-depth background and position papers on various aspects of sustainability, which we publish on our website.

Via the "Encompassing sustainability" platform on our website and on LinkedIn, you can gain insights into our latest findings on the topic of sustainability - both within and outside our company.

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Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter

Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter

Founding Partner, Vice-President of the Board, Client Advisor

«Empowering the investor to be able to use capital as a resource for improving a sustainable quality of life and to earn a competitive, risk-adjusted return at the same time, is a central concern of mine.»